Frequently Asked Questions

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Which stair do I select?
A.) For truss built structures, a Model 26T or 30T will fit between truss cords. That means they require a 22 1/2" opening. Note that the Model 30 ladder is not as steep as the Model 26. If you need help measuring or are unsure of stairway measurements, please contact us for further assistance.

B.) For stick built structures, see Models 20, 26, 40, 70 and 100. The width of the opening is wider on these models. Please note the Model 100 size 1-7 is best used in a commercial application. For residential purposes, the Model 70 sizes 1-7 are more appropriate.

C.) Measure your floor to floor not floor to ceiling distance. This measurement is from the floor below to the top of the floor above, which includes the thickness of the ceiling. Use this to determine the stair size from the COMPARISON CHART.
Where can I buy Bessler Stairways?
Any local, full size lumber yard can purchase a Bessler through their wholesale distributor, who purchases products from Bessler Stairway.
Does a Bessler have a firerating?
The BE-119 has a one hour rating and the Bessler Space Saver has a 30 minute rating.
Bessler sliding stair Models 20-100 do not have fire ratings.
How much room do the stairs take up?
See the COMPARISON CHART for each model and size.
Do Bessler Stairways have a commercial rating?
Models 20-100 have a commercial rating.
The Bessler Space Saver and the BE-119 are folding stairs and should therefore be used in residential applications only.
What are the weight capacities for Bessler Stairways?
Each stairway has it's own weight restrictions.

Model 100 800lbs

Model 70 600lbs

Model 40 600lbs

Model 30T 600lbs

Model 26 & 26T 600 lbs

Model 20 400lbs

BE-119 350lbs

Space Saver 350lbs
Where can I buy replacement parts?
The factory sells parts directly to the customer or owner. Some parts are repairable. Call the factory for pricing and instructions, 901-360-1900. You can view the REPLACEMENT PARTS page for a listing of most available parts.
How do I install my stairs?
All stairways come with installation instructions. To download an additional copy of these instructions or to view them online please visit the correct product page and click on "Instructions".
What if the stair does not operate as I expected it to?
Most problems are easily fixed, please see our TROUBLESHOOTING page. If you need more assistance please contact us at or